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Our Primary Companies

  • American Republic Insurance Company (American Republic) - founded 1929,
    Des Moines, IA and Medico Insurance Company - founded 1930, Omaha, NE and acquired by merger in 2012.
  • Both rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company*
  • See Our Companies for more

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American Enterprise Group, Inc. — People First

The people of the American Enterprise Group, Inc. (American Enterprise) feel the responsibility of knowing that what we do can dramatically affect people’s lives.

We’re a diversified insurance company specializing in innovative, tailored health insurance products for individuals, families, small business owners and affinity groups. We come to work every day knowing that a lot of people are going to call us when something bad happens in their lives. The last thing these stressed-out customers want is a surprise. Or a hassle. Or a busy signal. Or an “I’m sorry to inform you …” To ensure we can offer the relief of “we’ll take care of it,” American Enterprise puts people first by…

  • Being crystal clear on exactly what our products do and do not cover
  • Maintaining honest, ethical business standards
  • Delivering excellent coverage and exceptional service at competitive prices
  • Immediately delivering on our promises, without question
  • Putting customers first. Serving agents and employees. Not only are those the smart ways to succeed at business, they’re the right things to do.

* A.M. Best Company is an independent non-government company that rates insurance companies. Our A- (Excellent) rating is the fourth highest out of 15 possible ratings (rating confirmed February 2015).  Ratings reflect Best's independent opinion of overall financial strength and are not a recommendation of any specific product or service.

American Enterprise News Alert

If you have received a letter with the return address of American Enterprise Services in Des Moines, IA containing a check and a Mystery Shopper assignment for one or more Western Union outlets, we want you to know that we are aware of this letter, but it is not from us and it is not legitimate.

If you have received it

  1. Report it to the US Postal Service/Inspector General at the following website:
  2. Shred any checks
  3. Disregard the letter

AmericanEnterprise Group is very sorry if you have been inconvenienced or impacted by this fraudulent mail scheme. Please be assured that we care about our customers, are dedicated to conducting business with integrity, and are very upset to find that our name is being misused and associated with this letter.